Collateral Consequences Resource Center Releases “The Many Roads to Reintegration”: A 50-state report on laws restoring rights and opportunities


We are pleased to release a new report describing the present landscape of laws in the United States aimed at restoring rights and opportunities after an arrest or conviction. This report, titled The Many Roads to Reintegration, is an update and refresh of our previous national survey, last revised in 2018.

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Maryland Court of Appeals Adopts Section of Torts 3d: Liability for Economic Harm

In Barclay v. Castruccio, 230 A.3d 80 (Md. 2020), the Court of Appeals of Maryland decided to recognize the tort of intentional interference with a prospective inheritance or gift, and to adopt the standards for that tort as set forth in Restatement of the Law Third, Torts: Liability for Economic Harm § 19.

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