Direct Democracy Denied: The Right to Initiative During a Pandemic

Putting aside the Supreme Court’s controversial decision in Republican National Committee v. Democratic National Committee, the case overextending the date for receipt of absentee ballots in the April 2020 Wisconsin primary, many (although not all) courts have done a fairly good job protecting voting rights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Pandemic Takings: Compensating for Public Health Emergency Regulation

The COVID-19 pandemic led all states to issue regulations aiming to limit the spread of the coronavirus and reduce morbidity and mortality. Alongside the impediments that the “stay at home” and social distancing regulations imposed on citizens’ freedom of movement, worship, and leisure, they also interfered, sometimes significantly, with owners’ property rights.

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‘America Has to Count on More than Prayer in the Case of Close Election’


In “America Has to Count on More than Prayer in the Case of Close Election,” featured on The Hill, Edward B. Foley explores growing concerns that if the upcoming presidential election this November remains unsettled after the results are in, it inevitably will end up like 2000 or worse.

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