Election 2020: When Are Results Official and What Happens if Results Are Disputed

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On this episode of Reasonably Speaking panelists discuss the volatile climate surrounding the upcoming presidential election on Nov. 3, as well as what we can expect if the results are disputed.

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With News That the President Has Tested Positive for Coronavirus (and He Was in Contact with Joe Biden at the Debate Earlier in the Week), What Happens If a Presidential Candidate Dies or is Incapacitated Before Election Day? A Mess

The President and First Lady reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus…[A]s a matter of national importance we need to ask what would happen if one of the presidential candidates died or became incapacitated before election day.

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The COVID-19 Eviction Crisis: an Estimated 30-40 Million People in America Are at Risk

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This article aggregates the existing research related to the COVID-19 housing crisis, including estimated potential upcoming eviction filings, unemployment data, and housing insecurity predictions.

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