As the Revolving Door Turns: Government Lawyers Entering or Returning to Private Practice and Conflicts of Interest

Government lawyers regularly leave public service for private law practice — often through the same revolving door that launched their public careers. The law firms they join or to which they return welcome them because of the experience they gained, and the expertise they developed, while in the government. The challenge for former government lawyers and their law firms is recognizing and managing conflicts of interest that sometimes arise out of lawyers’ government service.

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What Is the Uniform Commercial Code?

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In this video, Teresa Wilton Harmon, Marsha E. Simms, Steve O. Weise, Neil B. Cohen, and Troy A. Mackenzie discuss how the Uniform Commercial Code has promoted safe, predictable, reliable commerce for businesses and consumers throughout the United States.

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Infected Judgment: Problematic Rush to Conventional Wisdom and Insurance Coverage Denial in a Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic created not only a public health crisis but also an insurance coverage imbroglio, prompting near-immediate business interruption claims by policyholders impacted by government restrictions ordered in response to the pandemic. Insurers and their representatives “presponded” to the looming coverage claims by quickly moving to denigrate arguments for coverage, engaging in a pre-emptive strike that has largely worked to date, inducing too many courts to rush to judgment by declaring—as a matter of law—that policy terms such as “direct physical loss or damage” do not even arguably encompass the business shutdowns resulting from COVID-19.

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