Policing Posts

Policing Race and Technology

The Brennan Center for Justice and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund are holding a symposium on “Policing Race and Technology” on Dec. 3, 2019. The symposim aims to center the racial justice issues raised by modern surveillance technologies such as facial recognition, predictive policing, and social media monitoring tools.

October 2019 Council Updates

During its meeting in New York City on October 17 and 18, the ALI Council reviewed drafts for seven Institute projects. Drafts or portions of drafts for six projects received Council approval, subject to the meeting discussion and to the usual prerogative to make nonsubstantive editorial improvements.

Suspicionless Witness Stops: The New Racial Profiling

Young minority men in high-crime neighborhoods are surrounded by poverty and crime, yet distrustful of the police that frequently stop, frisk, and arrest them and their friends. Every encounter with the police carries the potential for a new arrest or incarceration, fostering a culture of fear and distrust of the authorities.

Policing, U.S. Style: With Little Idea of What Really Works

There are two huge problems with American policing today: We don’t know nearly enough about what works in a sound way, and what doesn’t — especially if one considers social costs, which usually get left out of the equation.